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Recent Volunteers

Volunteers @ YDL LAG, 20th July 2019

Antony Collins, Dave Mills, David Manrow, Joanne Antoniou, Mark Peters

Volunteers @ SAL, 13th July 2019

Ashley Burridge, Ian Crouch, Ivan Barrett, Jo Davey

Volunteers @ Vets T&F, 8th July 2019

Annette Morris, Ashley Burridge, Ian Crouch, Ivan Barrett

Volunteers @ Summer Evening 10k, 3rd July 2019

Apologies if we've missed anyone: Adam Lloyd, Adrian Grant, Ailsa Nurse, Alastair Watkinson (+  daughters), Alex South, Alex South's Daughter, Andrew Bamford, Andrew Patrick, Anna Baer, Annette Morris, Antony Read, Aoife Kehoe, Ashley Burridge, Ayden Higgins, Bethany Higgins, Carolyn Patrick, Chris Veale, Claire Humphrey, Craig Parke, Daniel Emson, Dave Williams, David Nurse, Doug Kington, Duncan Mallison, Ewan McKay, Fran Dunham, Freddie Roux, Ginevra Stoneley, Ian Crouch, Ian Martin, Ian Thomas, Irene and Keith Leitner, Jamilla Ncayiyana, Jas Dhanda, Jenny Carus, Jo Davey, Kate Knight, Lee Savage, Malcolm Woodman, Max Wilson, Melanie Fulton-Bell , Michael Stanley, Moray Carey, Moray Laing, Nat Wilson, Natalie Laing, Nicholas Wade , Nicky Hodgetts, Paul Byrne, Paul Chandler, Ralph Tuckwell, Renwick Horsfall, Richard Scrase, Rick Coles, Ruth Willis, Ryan English, Sarah Finch, Stephen Smith, Steve Smith, Steve Watkins, Steve Watkins' daughter, Stewart Mcintyre, Sue Carnell, Tom Almond, Usha Stevens, Wayne Chappell

Volunteers @ YDL LAG, 22nd June 2019

Suzanne Holloway, Steven Holloway, Sean Mcauliffe, Natasha Boyce, Julia Woodhams, Joanne Antoniou, Ivan Barrett, Dino Pelekani, David Mills, David Manrow, Ashley Burridge, Anthony Collins

Vets League - Monday 8th July 2019 - Croydon

A team of Vets were at the Croydon Sports Arena, Monday 8th July to compete in the last Southern Vets League of the season. Despite depleted numbers due to holidays and injury there was no shortage of enthusiasm or excellent performances.  Malcolm Woodman (V55) and Steve Smith (V45) were the all rounders of the the night competing in multiple track and field events which included - 100m, 400m, 1 mile, Javelin, Long jump and high jump.  Dave Rayner (V55) and Jo Davey (V40) both put in strong performances in the mile at the end of the night, Jo narrowly winning her event against a strong contender from Striders of Croydon. Thanks to Annette Morris for her officiating & cheering duties whilst nursing a recovering foot, to Ivan Barrett and Ian Crouch for officiating in the field events and to Ashley Burridge for timekeeping. 

SAL - Saturday 13th July 2019 - Worthing

The 4th SAL match of the season took place at Worthing Athletics track on Saturday 13th July.   It was a warm day with great conditions for pbs in the sprint events.  Our dynamic duo Drew Burridge and James Naylor dominated the 200m and 400 m track events.  Drew took second in the 400 in a time of 55.2s, narrowly pushing James into third in 55.5s.   The 200 proved to be the event of the day for Drew who smashed his Pb in a time of 23.7.  James also took the club record for the U20s in a time of 24.9s.  

Jo Davey won the ladies 800m knocking nearly 3 seconds off her Pb in a time of 2mins 20.8s.  She wasn’t quite so spritely in the 5000m but still got some valuable points for the team.  Dave Rayner gave another solid performance in the men’s 3000m proving his commitment to the club yet again. 

On the officials side of things.  A big thanks to Ashley Burridge, Ian Crouch and Ivan Barratt for their time keeping and field judging skills.   

Our last match is in Tooting on Saturday 17th August.  Please let Jo or Ginevra know if you would like to compete via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Marathon study - influence of nutritional intake on gastrointestinal disturbance

Hello, I’m contacting you to see if any of your members competing in a half-marathon/marathon during September-December would be interested in taking part in a study. I am an MSc student studying Applied Sports Nutrition at St Mary’s University,...

Volunteering to help at Run Reigate 2019

if you don't wish to enter the run but still want to be part of Run Reigate 2019 then you may want to volunteer.  All volunteers get a free breakfast, t-shirt and entry to Run Reigate 2020. See this for more...

#gocoach from England Athletics

Yesterday saw the launch of #gocoach, a fantastic new campaign from England Athletics hoping to attract 10,000 new athletics coaches and run leaders by 2020. Coaches are essential to the survival of our wonderful sport and we’re asking if you could...

Surrey Cross-Country League Sponsorship

The Surrey League X-C now has a new sponsor: Start Fitness, who also own More Miles. Start Fitness are offering discounts to all members of affiliated clubs, 30% off at More Miles and 10% at Start Fitness. Discount codes are available on the "...