Senior Training

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Seniors training
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Tuesday, January 23, 2018 7pm - 8pm
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This event occurs in the UTC time zone.


Ready to start at 7pm.


Pre-session warm up of 4-6 laps at increasing pace.


Warm up and drills: focus on triple extension of leg.


400m reps in teams of 4 of similar ability. Runners have Nos 1,2,3 and 4.

At start pole, No.1 starts.

At 200m pole, No. 2 starts and leads No. 1. 

Back at start pole, No. 3 starts and leads No. 2.  No. 1 stops for recovery.

At 200m pole, No. 4 starts and leads No. 3.  No 2 stops for recovery.

Back at start, No. 1 starts second rep and leads No. 4. No 3 stops for recovery.

And so on. 

45 mins session



2-3 laps cool down