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Recent Volunteers

Volunteers - MABAC & Border League

Stewart McIntyre, Rick Coles, Caroline Wheatley, Ruth Willis, Claire Humphrey, Andrew Bamford, Niall McGregor, Carol Orchard, Mike Pocock, Ginevra Stoneley, Mike Gent, Fiona Gent, Sharon Miller, Julia Kinniburgh, Paul Chandler, Adrian Grant, Paul Walters, Thalia Hessey, Moray Carey, Jas Dhanda, Ian Crouch, Malcolm Woodman, Frank O'Regan, Ian Strong, Andrew Patrick, Andrew Bennett, Sophie Bassi, Ruth Breslaw, Max Smithson, Mr Kirk, Mr Barton.

Recent Volunteers, Jan/Feb 2020

Surrey T&F Indoor Champs, 15-16/2/2020: Ivan Barrett, Ashley Burridge  Surrey Men's XC League - Lloyd Pk, 8/2/2020: Ashley Burridge Surrey Secondary Schools XC Champs - Priory Pk, 18/1/2020: Ivan Barrett, Ashley Burridge, Ian Crouch, Sue Carnell, Paul Chandler, Fiona Gent, Mike Gent, Stewart McIntyre, Michael Stanley, Ian Thomas, Natalie Wilson

Volunteer @ Surrey League X-C, Chobham, 11/1/20

Ashley Burridge - Timekeeper

Volunteers @ Holly Run, 15th December 2019

Adam Woodman, Adrian Bowden, Adrian Grant, Andrew Bamford, Andrew Bennett, Andrew Patrick, Annette Morris, Ashley Burridge, Becky Martin, Caroline Orchard, Caroline Wheatley, Claire Humphrey, David Harris, David Neumann, Dino Pelekani, Donna Barrington-Smith, Duncan Mallison, Emma McAuliffe, Fiona Gent, Frank O'Regan, Ginevra Stoneley, Graham Bull, Helena Tomkins, Ian Crouch, Ian Martin, Ian Miller (Lingfield RC), Ian Thomas, Iris McAuliffe, Jack Finn, Jacqui James, Jane Patrick, Janet Moore, Jas Dhanda, Jim Vince, Jo Davey, Libby Rebuck, Lisa Payn, Malcolm Woodman, Mel Fulton-Bell, Michael Stanley, Mike Gent, Mike Pocock, Mike Scott, Moray Carey, Natalie Wilson, Nicholas Wade, Paul Chandler, Paul Lockye, Paul Walters, Peter Crawshaw, Richard Scrase, Rick Coles, Rob Wigley, Sam Burnett, Sarah Finch, Sarah Walters, Sharon Brennan, Sonia Galloway, Sophie Potter, Stewart McIntyre, Sue Carnell, Taryn Bennett, Thalia Hessey, Tim Else, Usha Stevens

Volunteers @ Priory Relays, 2nd Nov 2019

Adrian Grant, Ali Rustige, Amira & Lashelle Marlow, Andrew Bamford, Anthony Read, Ashley Burridge, Bethany Higgins, Charl Jordaan, Claire Humphrey, Colin Kloes, Craig Parke, Dan Statham, David Clark, David Harris, David Manrow, David Nurse, Drew Burridge, Fran Afonso, Francesca Manrow, Frank O’Regan, Ian Crouch, Ian Martin, Ian Thomas, Jas Dhanda, Jenny Carus, Lee Savage, Lisa Payn, Lou Schofield, Malcolm Woodman, Matthew Aylott, Moray Carey, Nicholas Wade, Paul Chandler, Paul Walters, Pete Statham, Rick Coles, Roger Hillier, Sam Burnett, Sarah Walters, Sharon Brennan, Stephen Smith, Sue Statham, Usha Stevens

Hello everyone. I hope that you and your families are all keeping safe and well. 


Floodlights this week

There is some remedial work taking place on the floodlights at Battlebridge on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week to replace the failed floodlight, straighten the column and fit a timer. As a result of this, it is very unlikely that we will be able to switch them on tomorrow evening (16th March).


Return to Senior Training 

Senior training returns from 29th March. We are planning to hold sessions at the same times and in the same groups as we had after Lockdown 2 at the end of last year. Full details are on the noticeboard.


The Club AGM - a date for your diaries

The AGM will be held on Monday 26th April. Please add this date to your diaries. More details are on the Noticeboard.

Please note the very important information about nominations being needed for the post of Club Chair. There is an updated description of the Chair role here

We will also be awarding senior trophies to the 2020 Club Champions and to other competition winners.  


EA Consultation

 England Athletics are running a consultation about the future formal “membership” of UK Athletics, which is equivalent to the shareholders in a company limited by shares. Full information about the various options proposed are available on the EA website.

If you want to input to this consultation, which could have a significant impact on the level of control that we (as athletes) have over the future  of our sport in the UK, then please contact Ginevra or Malcolm () with your views on the various options, by no later than Friday 26th March. We will then respond to the consultation on behalf of the club.


The Surrey Slog

MABAC have advised that they plan to hold the Surrey Slog on Sunday 25th July. This is described as "a challenging half marathon around Holmbury Hill".

We will be asking for volunteers nearer the time. More details are available on the MABAC website. There is also a link to enter the event, but at the time of writing it is not working; I have been assured that it will be up and running in the next day or two.


Summary Minutes

The Summary Minutes from February's Committee Meeting are here. 


YMCA Virtual Quiz Night 

Our friends at the YMCA are holding a virtual quiz night fundraiser this Friday (19th March) at 7pm. They are looking for teams of up to 6 people to enter. The cost is £5 per person. There is a maximum entry of 20 teams. If anyone is interested in entering a team they can do so here


Kate's Challenge

At the time of writing Kate Knight is 470 miles into her 600 challenge with just 16 days left to complete it. Kate has had to walk all of this distance so far as she has not been allowed to run following surgery on her neck just before Christmas. 

She tells me that she is allowed to run again from this week though, so I expect she will complete her goal well inside the deadline. Well done Kate! Her fundraising page is here


London Marathon 2021 

The next Virgin Money London Marathon takes place on Sunday 3rd October 2021. Assuming we are allocated place(s), the recipient of the place(s) will be decided by a draw. 

To be eligible for the draw you must:

  • have been a member of the club for 2 years
  • have been rejected in the ballot
  • not have had a club place in the last 3 years
  • have done some volunteering for the club in the last 24 months.

For 2021 only there will be no additional place available for members who have helped at the start of the marathon. This is a decision by the London Marathon organisers, not us.

If you have any questions or would like your name entered in the draw, if/when we receive any places, please contact Ginevra


Keep in touch

 It's more important than ever that we keep in touch with each other at this time. Stay safe everybody. Please let us know if there is anything you'd like to see in the newsletter.

If you wish to get in touch our email address is   

Error in Sportshoes.com Discount Code

Apologies, but I transposed the second and third characters in the April Sportshoes.com discount code that was issued in this week's email newsletter.  If you swap them round the code should work. The correct code will be in next week's newsletter.

England Athletics Registration Renewal

Many of you will have received an e-mail from England Athletics, which talks about renewal of your / your child's EA registration. The club will do all necessary EA registration renewals on your behalf. The EA fee (£15) will be collected as part of...

Senior Training Groups from Monday 29th March 2021

Assuming we can resume training from 29th March, I am planning to use the same groups that we established last year after lockdown 2. See below for the full list. Please contact me if any of the following apply: You are not on the list and want to...

Training & competition from 29th March 2021

With the announcements of last week, we are hoping we will be able to return to both training and at least some competition from 29th March. Obviously, this date is subject to final approval from the government. It is our current understanding that...

AGM date confirmed - nominations for club Chair required

Dear All,   I hope you are keeping well.   With a bit of luck, we will be able to resume training sessions and even some competition from March 29th onwards, subject to confirmation of proposed dates by the Government. In the meantime, I wanted to confirm...