The club has evolved over many years, building on successes in both Juniors and Seniors, but there was concern that it could struggle in the future without a planned sense of direction. In order to address this, the Committee agreed to set out a strategic direction for the club.

A sub-committee was formed at the 2013 AGM which spent a year researching, planning and delivering the Development Plan which was presented to, and approved at, the 2014 AGM.

Since that time, the Committee has focussed on delivering against that plan. The key sections are:

  • Training & Coaching
  • Training facilities
  • Volunteers
  • Junior section
  • Competition
  • Communications & Marketing
  • Community development
  • Social activities
  • Club management
  • Finance

Each section identifies the key challenges and the goals the club hopes to achieve over the five years of the plan. Many goals are aspirational, but it is hoped that they will all help the club to thrive in the next decade.