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Recent Volunteers

Volunteers @ Priory Relays, 2nd Nov 2019

Adrian Grant, Ali Rustige, Amira & Lashelle Marlow, Andrew Bamford, Anthony Read, Ashley Burridge, Bethany Higgins, Charl Jordaan, Claire Humphrey, Colin Kloes, Craig Parke, Dan Statham, David Clark, David Harris, David Manrow, David Nurse, Drew Burridge, Fran Afonso, Francesca Manrow, Frank O’Regan, Ian Crouch, Ian Martin, Ian Thomas, Jas Dhanda, Jenny Carus, Lee Savage, Lisa Payn, Lou Schofield, Malcolm Woodman, Matthew Aylott, Moray Carey, Nicholas Wade, Paul Chandler, Paul Walters, Pete Statham, Rick Coles, Roger Hillier, Sam Burnett, Sarah Walters, Sharon Brennan, Stephen Smith, Sue Statham, Usha Stevens

Volunteers @ Surrey League XC, 12th October 2019

Adrian Grant, Ali Rustige, Andy Patrick, Andy Walker, Anna Randall, Annette Morris, Ashley Burridge, Caroline Broderick, Carolyn Patrick, Christian Froggatt, Clare Pryor, Colin Kloes, Dan Emson-Jukes, David Clarke, David Neumann, Ellis Cain-Jones, Evelyn Salisbury, Ewan Mackay, Fiona Gent, Fran Afonso, Frank O'Regan, Gavin Lawrence, Gerry Babbidge, Gillian O'Regan, Ginevra Stoneley, Graham Bull, Ian Martin, Ian Thomas, Iris McAuliffe, Jas Dhanda, Jenny Carus, Jes Randall, Kate Knight, Malcolm Woodman, Marc Graham, Mike Gent, Mike Pocock, Moray Carey, Nat Wilson, Paul Chandler, Paul Walters, Rick Coles, Rob Wigley, Ruth Willis, Sarah Badawi, Sarah Walters, Sharon Miller, Stewart McIntyre, Sue Carnell, Tom Almond, Usha Stevens

Volunteers @ Surrey County Combined Events Championships, 7-8 September 2019

Ivan Barrett, Ashley Burridge, Naomi Jones

Volunteers @ YDL LAG, 20th July 2019

Antony Collins, Dave Mills, David Manrow, Joanne Antoniou, Mark Peters

Volunteers @ SAL, 13th July 2019

Ashley Burridge, Ian Crouch, Ivan Barrett, Jo Davey

I'll start this edition of my "update" with two upcoming events:

The Annual BBQ at Battlebridge is tomorrow, Tuesday 5th July. The Junior BBQ will be at 7pm, following on from their track session, with the Seniors at 8pm. See Clare Pryor's e-mail of last week for full details. If you can't find your copy, it is available on the website (http://www.rpac.org.uk/index.php/club-emails), but you do need to login in to access it.

Then our Summer Evening 10k is Wednesday next week (13th July). Many members have already volunteered to help at the race (thank you!), which is a major source of income for the club. If you are available but have not already contacted our Race Director, Wayne Chappell, please reply to Wayne's e-mail of last week or send him an e-mail direct (see e-mail version of this update for his e-mail address).


Which takes me straight on to my next topic of volunteering.

I am delighted to be able to announce that Mike Scott has agreed to take on the role of Race Director for the Holly Run, our annual open cross-country races in December. My thanks to both Mike and to Donna Barrington-Smith who has been our Holly Run Race Director for the last 3 years.

However, nobody has yet come forward to stand for the vacant post of Secretary. This is an essential post within the club, as without a Secretary we have nobody available to process & respond to outside contacts, nor to take the minutes and maintain the action logs from the AGM or Committee meetings. If any member of the Club is able to take on this role, please contact me as soon as possible.


The Juniors have gone from strength to strength in the last month. They have competed in a total of 5 league matches (two Lily B, the Ebbisham Boys League and both lower and upper age groups of the Youth Development League), setting numerous personal bests and club records. Reports of the matches have been published on the website, and the team results are also available there.

For the Seniors, after 4 out of the 7 Surrey Road League fixtures, the men's team are in joint first place. This is an amazing achievement, now the focus has to be on getting our best possible team out for each of the remaining 3 fixtures (Elmore 7, Elmbridge 10k and Wimbledon Dash 5k).

Membership Renewals

Hopefully everybody who intends to renew their membership has now paid their subscriptions. Please note that the e-mail and website lists will be updated in the next couple of weeks to reflect the membership at the end of June. If you haven't already paid, then you will no longer receive club e-mails or be able to log on to the website once this has been done. If you haven't paid but wish to continue as a member, you should contact Paul Chandler as soon as possible!

Summary & AGM minutes

Will follow eventually, as time permits, in the absence of a Club Secretary.

Malcolm Woodman

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