Message from the Editorial

Can I please extend a huge thank you to Andrew Bamford for continuing single handed in the creation and publication of this newsletter for the last four months? We now intend to return to alternating the publication again week-on-week.


Club News for Everyone

Membership Renewals Reminder \*o*o*/ RED HOT \*o*o*/

A really big "THANK YOU" to everyone who has already renewed.

You should have received an email requesting you to renew your club membership. If you have not received this email, please contact Nat Wilson at 

If you do not pay your subs by direct debit please be aware that you need to pay by the 15th August in order to to meet the deadline for EA registration. 


New Saturday Social Group 10:30AM from Priory Park

We are starting a Saturday morning social running group. Anyone is welcome to attend, but the emphasis is on a social and gentle run and occasional walk (as necessary) with an optional coffee to finish.

You can read about the new group on the RPAC Noticeboard here, and you need to email Paul Walters by emailing for inclusion in the list of Saturday attendees.

I've included this item in the "for everyone" bit just in case there might be any junior's parents who might be interested.


Club Kit

We have a number of items of club kit listed on the club kit page. These include T-Shirts immediately available from Nat (seniors) or Mike (juniors). 

There is also a range of RPAC branded kit available to purchase from the iProSports RPAC club zone. This range is currently under review so if there's anything specific that you'd look to buy which is not currently available, please let us know  .  Current thoughts on additions to the list of kit already available include RPAC branded face masks and beanies. Let us know what you think.


If you are aged between 18 and 35 please fill in Synne Frydenlund's questionnaire

My name is Synne Frydenlund and I am a MSc psychological science (conversion) student at Brunel University London. I am a Norwegian athlete with Brunel University as training base, and I am competing for Harrow.

If you are between the age of 18 to 35 I would appreciate if you could answer a questionnaire concerning your experience with food and eating habits for my MSc dissertation in Psychological Sciences. The study explores the differences and similarities between athletes and non-athletes in regards to their diet.

The questionnaire will take 15 to 20 minutes of your time to complete, and you access it through this link.

The study has been approved by the College of Health and Life Science Research Ethics Committee.

My email address is in the first paragraph of the questionnaire so if you have any questions or concerns feel free to ask.

Thank you in advance, Synne Frydenlund.


Junior News

Junior Training Sessions

Training for the U11s has resumed on Saturday mornings. We are constrained by EA guidelines as to the permissible number of athletes per coach and so will each week be asking who wishes to attend so that we can manage the numbers.  


Senior News

Senior Training Sessions

You can see the participants of the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday coached sessions here. There are now more than 12 participants on each list, and going forward the numbers for each group will rely on participants occasional reasons for being an absentee from the group (such as holiday or injury) to limit the groups to 12 people per session.



Vanguard Way Marathon 3rd August 2020

Kate Knight and Jim Vince ran the Vanguard Way Marathon on Sunday 2nd August from South Croydon to Oxted-ish & back. Taryn popped out to cheer them along!
Jim reports that it was hot and hilly with 3000ft of climb, but a lovely route on a gorgeous day.

EarthRuns, by Moray Carey

Participation in selected "virtual" races has enabled charities to recoup a proportion of their expected income. Which virtual races to enter are a matter of personal choice since there are so many organisations worthy of support .One such organisation, in my opinion, is EarthRuns.
Their website declares: "Our climate is in crisis, planting more trees and fighting deforestation is one part of the solution. Running a virtual race to create an actual solution. You run the miles and we partner with organisations worldwide to plant the trees. It’s simple, it’s easy, it’s fun."
Please read Moray's full article by clicking here, and further information may be found on their website https://www.earthruns.com/

England Athletics Virtual 30

If you haven't done so already why not sign up for the EA Virtual 30? The challenge is to run as far as you can in 30 minutes on a Saturday or Sunday. You "compete" against other teams and collect points for RPAC. You have to sign up individually via Open Track. Details of how to sign up to the competition are here.  A number of us have managed to navigate the somewhat challenging website and record our distances.


London Marathon 2020

This may be off your radar, but if you're interested the final decision over the running of the London Marathon 2020 will be made this Thursday 7th August. See this.


Keep in touch

 It's more important than ever that we keep in touch with each other at this time. Stay safe everybody. Please let us know if there is anything you'd like to see in the newsletter.

If you wish to get in touch our email address is