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Type your name into the results search facility, and you will get a list of the events you have taken part in, in chronological order. If you go by different names, or if you wish to make comparisions with other people, then you can specify up to 4 names to search for. An example might be Andrew Patrick, who might also appear as Andy Patrick and Paddy Patrick. Obviously maiden names can be specified too. You can use the title search term to search for a particular year, e.g. "2003", a particular distance, e.g. "10K" (use "10 " - note the space - for 10 mile distance), or a particular race location or event name.

You'll get age gradings if your date of birth is registered by the webmaster on our website, although the age ratings will be inaccurate in some circumstances. Sometimes there appears more than one person's time in the result, and the first time will be taken to work out the grade.

The results search is not perfect! You might get spurius results, but it does it's best! The format of the results given will vary, but usually the time and position are provided. Remember that the results list appears at the foot of this page, so click on the submit button, and then use the scroll bar to go the end of this page.

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