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Dear Members, 

I am delighted to update everyone on the work we have just completed on our Vision, Values and Mission - one of the recommendations coming out of the England Athletics Review last year. 

The updated Vision takes into account feedback and input received from many of you across the club, and articulates what we stand for in a simple, and clear way. 

In many respects, it reiterates what we’ve known all along; but it will help ensure that we continue to hold true to a vision and values we all share, and which make our club special; a club with a vision of “Athletics for everyone”. 

Our values define the culture of our club:

  • Inclusivity: We are a club where ALL are welcome and treated with respect, fairness and integrity
  • Competitive: We provide opportunities and encourage all members to compete at any level
  • Be the best you can: Our qualified coaches promote growth and support continuous development
  • Community: We work together to meet the needs of our members to thrive and improve
  • Passion & Fun: Athletic and social events enhance our member’s enjoyment

Ultimately, we will “Provide competitive opportunities for all our members to reach their individual potential within a fun, inclusive environment”.

We’ve pulled all of this together into one clear diagram that shows how it all fits together - I have included a copy below, but it can also be found on our website here

My thanks to all of you who contributed to the development of this Vision in any way - I believe the end result is an excellent articulation of what makes Reigate Priory Athletic Club so unique, and ensures we are well placed to maintain that going forward.

Malcolm Woodman

Vision and values