Club News For Everyone

 I hope that this newsletter finds you and your families all keeping fit and well and that you managed to have as enjoyable a weekend as is possible in the circumstances. At least the weather continues to be kind to us.

 Notice of AGM

Ginevra sent out an email earlier today with details of this year's AGM. This will be held on Monday 18th May via Zoom. Please read the emails for full details and the agenda.


Virtual Club Nights

England Athletics is staging a series of "Virtual Club Nights", including quizzes and talks. Details are on the noticeboard. Please note that the first of the quizzes is tomorrow evening (21st April).


Virtual Competitions

As I mentioned before it is my intention to run a series of virtual competitions whilst we remain in "lockdown". I would like to make these as inclusive as possible so I am trying to think of challenges that can be completed by both senior and junior members. I am also trying to come up with some non-running challenges. I would be very pleased to receive any suggestions you may come up with .

Please observe the  government guidelines on exercising outdoors during the current restrictions.

This week's competition is really simple and a change from running... how far can you long jump from a static position? The rules are simple - from a standing position (no run up) how far can you jump with both feet together. I will split the results by age group. 

Coming soon - Guess Who? The idea is that we will publish some photos of well known senior members running, jumping or throwing when they were children (or at least considerably younger than they are now). I have a few photos already, but if you have any photos of yourself that you would be willing to share please send them to me .

Marathon Relay Week 3

We are still speeding up!  I have calculated our marathon relay time for last week as 3 hours and 1 minute, again 5 minutes faster than last week (we are consistent!). The fastest times recorded this week were George Roux (4:47) and Freddie Roux (4:56) closely followed by Tom Almond (5:45) and Max Orchard (5:51). Of the 26 people who submitted a time 17 people logged sub 7 minutes. Superb work everyone!

Reminder of the rules.

  1. You can record your mile as part of any distance run, i.e. you could be just running a mile flat out or it could be as part of a longer run
  2. Any surface or terrain is acceptable - road, track, trail, uphill, downhill whatever
  3. You just need to tell me your time, no Strava or Garmin, etc. record is needed 
  4. If you record your time in kilometers send me your fastest two consecutive kilometers and I will do the rest.

Last week's orienteering challenge proved very popular

The challenge was to run or walk the shortest route that you could passing a church, a pub, two post boxes, an oak tree and a windmill. A great deal of effort and thought was put into this by those who took part. I've categorised the results into those who followed different interpretations of the rules. I think both approaches are valid as I did not specify what type of windmill, post box, etc. were to be passed. In the first category Dave Nurse registered 1.01km  starting at the Windmill church on Reigate Heath and finishing at the post box opposite the Black Horse. Ruth and Euan Willis tried three different attempts before they came up with a route starting at the windmill on Wray Common and finishing by the Co-op in Redhill which measure 1.18km. Will John-Cox followed a similar route and logged 1.27km. Adrian Bowden and Max Orchard both had the same idea and included an ornamental garden windmill in their routes. Max logged 0.85km and Adrian 1.07km. Max even made a video of his route. As is my prerogative I award the "first prize" (virtual, just like the competitions) to Max for inventiveness and for recording the shortest route - and the best video. 


Strava Art Competition

Christian provided some more really excellent entries for the Strava Art Competition this week. We also had a really one from someone who isn't a club member smile. The deadline is the end of April so you still have time to create your masterpiece.

Monthly Distance Challenge Leaderboard

Charlie Butcher logged an incredible 136.6km last week, with Kate Knight hot on his heels with 134.7km. Close behind them were Matt Aylott and Fran Dunham who both logged over 100km.  Charlie retains the leadership for the month with 410.2km, Kate Knight is in second position with 368.4km.

Keeping Fit

Ellis will be sending out a separate email again with some details of virtual training sessions. 

Katie Mackison has posted another workout video. Details to follow in the email version of this newsletter.


Keep in touch

 It's more important than ever that we keep in touch with each other at this time. Stay safe everybody. Please let us know if there is anything you'd like to see in the newsletter.

If you wish to get in touch our email address is  

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