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 I hope that this newsletter finds you and your families all keeping fit and well.  I apologise for sending this on a Tuesday, rather than the usual Monday, but the AGM meant that my time last night was limited. 


Last night was our 40th AGM (Malcolm says that he has proof) and our first "virtual" AGM held via Zoom. Thirty four people "attended" which was a similar number to that which we would expect in person under normal circumstances. Thank you to everyone who attended for making this a successful AGM. Minutes will follow in due course. The three resolutions were passed unanimously - these being 

  • Recommendation of 2020/21 annual subscriptions
  • Proposal for changes to the subscriptions for 20/21 due to coronavirus
  • Election of General Committee members and co-opting of Jack Finn to the committee

Payment of Subs

We are asking people not to pay their subs early this year to allow the new Treasurer to settle in and the impending change of bank account to take place.   

YMCA Virtual Fun Run

Please support our friends at the YMCA by taking part in their virtual fun run which runs until the end of May. More details are on the noticeboard

Virtual Competitions 

 5x1 Mile Relay - This was Week 1 of 4

The fastest team was Team 1 with a combined total time for the 5 miles of 33:30 - well done to Adrian Grant, Jas Dhanda, Euan Willis, Jamilla Ncayiyana and Duncan Mallison who make up that speedy team. 

The teams were fairly evenly matched and combined times ranged from 33:30 to 37:50.

The finishing order was Team 1 (33:30), Team 6 (34:16), Team 3 (34:36), Team 2 (34:57), Team 7 (36:50), Team 4 (37:12), Team 5 (37:50)

The 5 fastest men were George Roux (5:09), Duncan Mallison (5:34), Steve Cheesman (5:35), Adam Parkin (5:50) and Rob Wigley (5:52) - although special mention must also be made of Ian Edmonds, who cracked 8 minutes for the first time in a few years with 7:52, and Adrian Grant who according to Mr Garmin, ran his fastest mile with 8:16. 

The 5 fastest ladies were Nat Wilson (5:57), Jamilla Ncayiyana (6:10), Ginevra Stoneley (6:18), Ruth Willis (7:01) and Gillian O'Regan (7:04)

The 5 fastest junior runners were Max Orchard (5:47), Will John-Cox (5:59), Euan Willis(6:58), Robert Duncton (7:05) and George Duncton (8:03)

Well done to everyone - more of the same this week!

RPAC Challenge 

The challenge was to cover the least amount of distance to find road or street names that started with the letters R,P, A and C. 

Adrian Grant was quick off the mark and recorded 803 metres taking in Reddown Rd, Petworth Close, Ashbourne Close and Charlton Gardens

Max Orchard clocked up just 240 metres to record Ridgemount Way, Pendleton Road, Abinger Drive and Cotland Acres 

Well done to both of you - Max takes first place. 

Monthly Climbing Challenge

Charlie Butcher clocked another 1962 metres of climbing last week and leads the board by some distance. Phil Withers and Chris Daniels logged 1458 and 1365 metres respectively. 

A Challenge for this week

A very simple one far can you run in 15 minutes? Separate results for men, ladies and juniors. Let me know 


Keep in touch

 It's more important than ever that we keep in touch with each other at this time. Stay safe everybody. Please let us know if there is anything you'd like to see in the newsletter.

If you wish to get in touch our email address is  

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