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Club News For Everyone

 I hope that this newsletter finds you and your families all keeping fit and well. 



Advice from England Athletics is now that small group training sessions of up to 5 athletes and 1 coach can resume under certain conditions. The coaches and committee are currently working out how these can be applied and to make sure that all the necessary safeguards have been put in place. We need to have completed the EA risk assessment before resuming training otherwise our insurance will be invalidated. Watch the notice board for updates. 

Not The Dorking 10

As it should have been the Dorking 10 yesterday (7th June) a small group of RPAC athletes ran round the course whilst maintaining social distance, of course. Well done to all of you; I'm told there were some very respectable times given that it wasn't a race. For once it wasn't blisteringly hot.

Virtual Competitions 

 5x1 Mile Relay - This was Week 4  of 4

Team 1 just keep getting quicker. They were the fastest team again with a combined total time for the 5 miles of 32:18 - an improvement of 25 seconds over last week. Congratulations to Adrian Grant, Jas Dhanda, Euan Willis, Jamilla Ncayiyana and Duncan Mallison who make up the dream team. 

The finishing order this week was Team 1 (32:18), Team 5 (33:12), Team 3 (34:05), Team 2 (35:08), Team 6 (36:32),  Team 7 (37:01), Team 4 (38:01). Team 4 dipped out as Adrian Bowden hurt himself and had to submit a much slower time than he has recorded in previous weeks.

The fastest men were George Roux (4:41), Freddie Roux (4:52), Tom Almond (5:24), Duncan Mallison (5:54) and Frank O'Regan (5:58).  Well done Frank for breaking into the top 5! Malcolm deserves a special mention for his continued recovery  - he has knocked 2:25 off his mile time during the course of the competition

The fastest ladies were Jamilla Ncayiyana (6:05), Ruth Willis (6:15), Nat Wilson and Ginevra Stoneley both on 6:18 and Gillian O'Regan (6:41). Well done Gillian for making it an O'Regan double act!

The fastest junior runners were Euan Willis(5:55), Robert Duncton (6:57) and George Duncton (7:36) - well done to all of you!

Overall for the four weeks:

Team result totals were as follows Team 1 (2:11:42), Team 3 (2:18:43) , Team 2 (2:18:56), Team 5 (2:22:47), Team 6 (2:23:17), Team 7 (2:29:43)

The fastest men were George Roux (20:27), Duncan Mallison (22:47), Freddie Roux (22:54), Tom Almond (23:02) and Jas Dhanda (24:49). The fastest individual mile was 4:41 from George Roux.

The fastest ladies were Jamilla Ncayiyana (24:33), Ginevra Stoneley (24:51), Nat Wilson (25:03), Ruth Willis (27:16) and Gillian O'Regan (27:47). The fastest individual mile was 5:50 from Ginevra Stoneley. 

The fastest junior runners were Max Orchard (23:28), Will John-Cox (23:45), Euan Willis(26:33), Robert Duncton (28:24) and George Duncton (30:40). The fastest individual mile was 5:47 from Max Orchard.

Well done to everyone for taking part...coming next week a handicap relay. We will keep the same teams unless anyone wants to pull out or opt in. Please let me know if you do.

Weekly Challenge 

Last week's challenge was to submit a photo of your favourite view taken when out running or walking. I was very impressed by the number and quality of submissions. 


Clockwise from top left - an almost biblical view of the Inglis Memorial by Clare Pryor, a deserted fairway at Walton Heath and a magnificent display of bluebells by Sharon Miller, Epsom Downs and a gorilla (often spotted on the Tadworth 10 course!) by Usha Stevens, the path to Edes Fields by Adrian Bowden, poppies near Brockham by Tom Almond, a close up of the same field by Stephen Smith and a clutch of cygnets at Watercolour by Ruth Willis. Thank you for the fantastic response. Kate Knight submitted a really cute photo of her grandson who has just learned to walk, but I felt that I couldn't include it as it didn't meet the brief of this week's competition - sorry Kate!

Ian Edmonds submitted a photo of himself competing in the Man vs Horse race (shown below). Although it didn't meet the brief of this week's competition it did give me an idea for another. Tell us about the wackiest outfit that you have ever run in, or the wackiest race that you have taken part in. Incidentally Ian tells me that he is the only human competitor in Man vs Horse ever to have been presented with a horse rosette!

 A Challenge for this week

This week's competition is an age-graded 1km. Send me your time and your age and I will endeavour to work out an age grading for you

Keep in touch

 It's more important than ever that we keep in touch with each other at this time. Stay safe everybody. Please let us know if there is anything you'd like to see in the newsletter, especially if you have any bright ideas for competitions.

If you wish to get in touch our email address is  

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